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Shun Strickland, 6-Figure Strategist, SoulShift expert, and Women's Wealth Advocate, offers a variety of tools and resources available to support the journey to shift, grow, become and live free. 

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SoulShift / Mindset

SoulShift Essentials

SoulShift is the practical application to Romans 12:2. God tells us the renewing our minds is necessary for us to live the good life He has prepared for us. SoulShift moves us from merely quoting the scripture to doing the work necessary to make it our reality. Our thoughts control our words, feelings, actions and experiences, therefore, it's important that we know how to identify and shift our thinking when our thoughts don't align with what God has said about us.  SoulShift Essentials is a 4 week class that will give you life long tools. SoulShift is the process of actively practicing shifts. It's an intentional decision to uproot and replace every thought that doesn't agree with God. It's an invitation into a greater knowlege of who are God is and who we are in Him. If you will actively praticipate, it will change your life.  There are countless testimonies from SoulShift Alums who have radically changed every aspect of their lives by learning and practicing the tools SoulShift Essentials provides. Many of our students take the classes repeatedly by while the foundational information is the same, the shifts that each person experiences allows them to hear that information different. SoulShift Essentials empowers you to change every area of your life so that you can experience all that God promised!   SoulShift Essentials includes 4 live classes taught by Shun Strickland and a private Facebook community where you will receive support and connect with others on the same journey. Many participants sign up thinking they don't need the communiity only to discover the power of community is what allows them to make radical changes.  If you are ready to shift and break the recurring cycles in your life, sign up, show up and do the work! Your whole life will thank you! 




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