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8 Steps To Shift From Broke Advisor to Million Dollar Expert

Are you tired of tirelessly sharing your expertise and wisdom while your bank account remains stagnant? Do you feel like you're stuck in the cycle of being a "Broke Advisor," undervalued and overwhelmed? It's time to break free and step into your power as a Million-Dollar Expert.

In "8 Steps to Shift from Broke Advisor to Million Dollar Expert," you'll discover a transformative roadmap to propel you from financial struggle to abundance. Drawing on proven strategies and real-life experiences, this book provides practical guidance to help you unlock your full potential and make a real impact in the world.

Whether you're a coach, consultant, entrepreneur, or aspiring thought leader, "8 Steps to Shift from Broke Advisor to Million Dollar Expert" offers invaluable insights and strategies to help you elevate your business and your life. It's time to stop playing small and start living up to your full potential. Join the ranks of successful million-dollar experts and make your mark on the world today.

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DIY Your Digital Product

Digital products are a great way to share your expertise AND build your list. Join me Saturday, March 9th at 10 am CT and learn how to create your digital product. In this course, you will learn how to:

1. Identify your message

2. Create your framework

3. Decide on your digital product

4. Outline, design and create

5. Market your message

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Mindset Makeover: Favor Edition

Favor is fair but you have to participate to walk in said favor.

This class will reframe how you see faith.

You will learn:

  1. Favor Scriptures
  2. Favor Definitions
  3. Favor Benefits and Expectations
  4. Favor Daily Practices
  5. Favor DeclarationsĀ 

Read what others said about the class below

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What Others Said About Mindset Makeover: Favor Edition

As a result of the Mindset Makeover class, I released grudges toward certain individuals with my company. My job is to obey God's instructions and be prepared for promotion. Favor is a part of my salvation package.

My biggest takeaway was the Kingdom of God has principles and if I don't practice them, I'm going to be frustrated.

I can now understand that what God has for me is mine because God gave it to me and it's nothing outside of obedience that I have to do to receive His favor.

Community Matters

In response to the growing demand for mentorship, Shun has created three distinct communities designed to help you move forward in destiny and discipleship. SoulShift U to learn how to identify and shift your Thinking Feeling Cycle to align with God's plan for your life so that you can walk in purpose and victory. M3 Mastery for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs to grow and accelerate your business. The Dreamer's Lounge for those who want to have a safe place to share their dreams and be held accountable. You can choose one or all three communities. Don't wait, click below and register TODAY! 

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Join Pastor Edwin & Pastor Shun for Relationship 101!

"Relationships 101" is an online class with a series of 12 lessons designed to help you and your partner strengthen communication, intimacy, and trust, among other things necessary for a healthy and thriving relationship

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Relationship Goals

Join Pastor Edwin & Pastor Shun for a FREE "Relationships 101" online class. This class is a 12 lesson series, designed to help you and your partner strengthen communication, intimacy, and trust, among other things necessary for a healthy and thriving relationship. Men & Women are encouraged to attend. Couples are encouraged to attend together.

The 2023 Business Basics Bundle!

These are Pastor Shun's Signature Business Classes! Whether you are aspiring, working a side hustle or ready to level up, these classes will equip you.

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We're talking RELATIONSHIPS on Facebook

The Stricklands are dedicating their joint Facebook account to those interested in learning how to function BETTER in their relationship. It ill be the hub for all things Relationships 101, promoting a positive environment for romantic relationships.

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You can meet Pastor Shun Online every Monday at 12:00 Noon CST for a powerful success strategies. 

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