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Why should you live in bondage when Jesus died to set you free? 

Jesus is freedom! As we allow His truth to transform our thinking we really can live free. There is no area, He excluded from salvation. Allow His Word to transform your family, your mindset, your money, your career and your health. Don’t settle for any bondage! Live Free!

Shun Strickland

Meet Shun Strickland

Shun Strickland is a Jesus lover, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, pastor, business strategist, coach and activist. She’s passionate about seeing people, especially women, step into their God given identity and live out their God given dreams. She uses her prophetic insight to help people grow, become and make the SoulShift, transform their mindsets, break cycles so they can live and walk in freedom.

Shun believes that if we think differently we can live differently. Her no nonsense, in your face, approach creates the accountability needed for transformation if you're willing to do the work - no shortcuts!

What is the work? The work requires you to grow and become all God has created you to be. The work demands that you become an active participant in your own transformation and take consistent steps to improve your life. Growing and becoming isn't for the faint of heart. It means breaking up with the lies that you become aware of as God's Word is released to and through you. It means acknowledging that you have broken places in you and then requires you to show up for yourself. It means letting go of the mind and money ick so that you can maintain your peace and integrity. The result - a SOULSHIFT TRANSFORMATION!

Shun has a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Arkansas, a Juris Doctorate (law degree) from the University of Arkansas School of Law and a Masters Degree from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She is a life long learner who is committed to using her knowledge to equip and empower others.

Shun is the wife of Dr. Edwin Strickland. They have been married for 25+ years. She is also the mother of five amazing children: three daughters – Taylor, Jordan and Canaan and two sons – Chase and Caleb. 

Shun pastors Fellowship of Champions Church with her husband, Edwin. She also owns Shun Strickland Enterprises a coaching and speaking business. Shun is the author of several faith based personal development books and workbooks:

  • Live Free - The Eight Steps to Creating Freedom in Every Area of Life
  • Our Amazing Marriage (co-authored with Edwin Strickland)
  • Arise and Shine: The Black Woman's Guide To A Wealthy Mindset  
  • 5 Hacks for a Healthy Mindset (coauthored with Shawndra Washington, PharmD.)
  • 30 Days of Healing
  • Living Your God Given Dreams: A 14 Day Journey of Faith
  • 8 Steps to Shift From a Broke Advisor to a Million-Dollar Expert

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Hey there! I'm Shun

Ready to live free? You're in the right place. 

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