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Inner Circle May Be Right For You If...
  1. You are committed to living a holy and righteous life before the Lord.
  2. You are willing to invest your time and resources to fulfill your God given purpose.
  3. You are open to building community with like minded women.
  4. You believe God is leading you to be mentored/coached by Pastor Shun Strickland.
It's time to take action if...
  1. You are serious about fulfilling your God given purpose.

  2. You are ready to grow and transform.

  3. You are willing to be coached and held accountable




Before Inner Circle, I was broken and had a self-image that did not align with what God said about me. Making the decision to become a part of Inner Circle was EXACTLY what I needed to begin my healing journey. This community has wrapped me in the love of God, shown me that I'm not alone, and provided the support I need to continue to grow and become.

-Tamara Scott


My transformation after being a part of Inner Circle has been a total life transformation. No part of my life has gone untouched. My soul, my physical and mental health and well-being, my marriage, being a mom, literally EVERYTHING is better thanks to the work God is able to do in me because of what I learn in Inner Circle.

-Kimberly Dennis


When I say every single area of my life has been impacted since I joined Inner Circle, I MEAN THAT! Joining inner circle revealed to me all the areas in my life I needed to grow up — marriage, motherhood, business, finances — and then this community helped me walk that thing out. I have women who love me, support me and hold me relentlessly accountable to living the life that God has called me to. There is not one area of my life — relationships, finances, health, business — that has not been positively impacted by my membership in Inner Circle.

-Erika Cartledge


Inner Circle has completely transformed my life! I've been delivered from so many things that I didn't even realize were keeping me in bondage. I've experienced the love of God in such a powerful way that ungodly desires have fallen off of me. Every class I continue to learn how to renew my mind. I am grateful for a beautiful community and safe space to grow and become who God created me to be!

-Lysette Givens


Since being a part of Inner Circle, my life has changed for the better. My relationship with God is much more intimate. I am more free than I have ever been. I'm truly grateful!

-Angela Richard


Being a member of Inner Circle has given me the courage to do the hard things that will make me better. Having a community that has my back is priceless.

-Sonja Jones





In IC, you’ll be challenged to release every misconception and lie and be exactly who God created you to be. You’ll learn to shift in your spiritual growth, physical well being and build expert million empires. You will be encouraged to honor your body and walk in divine health. You will be pushed into divine destiny and you won’t have to do it alone. You’ll be surrounded by a tribe of women who are all walking by faith in purpose just like you.

You’ll never have to be the smartest person in the room or come up with the answer alone. You’ll learn to connect with other women who have your answer and to take the wisdom, strategies and teaching of Pastor Shun and partner with the Holy Spirit to grow, become and let your brilliance shine.

Call To Action
Call To Action