Dreams that lay dormant in your imagination lack the ability to change anything....including you. Your dreams become reality through faithful pursuit. It's not enough to do the work, you must believe it's possible! You have a responsibility to discover and live your dreams.

Who is Shun D. Strickland?

Shun Strickland is a Jesus lover, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, pastor, business strategist, coach and activist. She’s passionate about seeing people, especially women, step into their God given identity and live out their God given dreams.

Shun believes that if we think differently we can live differently. Her no nonsense, in your face, approach creates the accountability needed for transformation if you're willing to do the work - no shortcuts!

What Will You Learn In The Live Your Dreams Challenge?

  • Day 1: Clarity: You must know what you want and why you want it
  • Day 2: Belief: Your thinking exposes what you believe
  • Day 3: Action: A decision to live your dreams is the first step to making your dreams reality

When God designed you He did it with purpose, on purpose and for a purpose. He created you with a combination of personality, passions, talents and gifts that are uniquely yours even if you are a twin!

Even when you meet someone with dreams or purpose, you quickly discover the differences in who you are and what you desire to accomplish.

No one other than God knows your purpose, potential and dreams so if you want to know who you really are - ASK GOD!

Grab the Challenge Bundle NOW!

It's SIX powerful and practical sessions designed to help you shift out of stuck into building your God given dreams!

Speakers Include:

  • Host, Pastor Shun Strickland
  • Uneeka Jay
  • Pastor Edwin Strickland
  • Crystal Robinson
  • Lola Tomorrow
Grab the Challenge Bundle NOW!

Your dreams are waiting on YOU!